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HALLOWEEN HELP Black widow costume?

I decided to go with a black widow spider costume, im going to dress in all black, and put spiders alll over my body, i was thinking of also making a spider wed on my face. But does anyone have any ideas on what i can add to this costume to make it unique? Im just not big on buying a costume already made (im going out to this huge party in San Francisco so im sure they will be a lot of bought costumes)

Posted by xoxjulie21xox

Buy some plastic spiders and stick them on a black shirt. Then get a pair of black plants and paint a huge red spot on the butt part. And maybe get fake webbing and put it around you.

Halloween Costume?

Ok what should i be its for a fancy dresss party that i am going to. Really can't think of anything that i wanna dress as. Please help.

Posted by bumblebee230589

A sexy witch?

Evil Snow whites stepMother?

A Pumpkin?

Black Widow?

Halloween costume ideas?

I want to be something super scary this year.
I don't know if I want to be a zombie or a vampire or what.
Please give me some ideas and suggestions.

Posted by Alli

Angel of death costume (this one is coming soon on extremehalloween.com)

-Nightmare Black Widow Costume: Http://anniescostumes.com/vampirew.htm#M…

-Angel Adult Costume:

-Living Dead Girl Costume (You can make one yourself by heading to Party City and getting supplies)
↕ partycity.com
-Zombie Bride (You can make one yourself by heading to Party City and getting supplies)

Psycho Mother's Dress Adult- Http://www.buycostumes.com/Psycho-Mother…

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